• August Grey

    August Grey

    "Grey" says all...
  • Bethany Rochester (Snipes)

    Bethany Rochester (Snipes)

    Saucy, seductive, strikingly clever with a rifle. Combatitive veteran of the renowned Deathwatch.
  • Dowager Viscountess Dashwood of Ashbury

    Dowager Viscountess Dashwood of Ashbury

    Heiress of a wealthy estate, Lady Dashwood is a pompous, self-righteous aristocrat. Mild paranoia would be an understatement for this haughty hottie.
  • Ducy Lucy

    Ducy Lucy

    Most folks don't know why they call her Ducy when she ain't got but one eye...
  • Ishara Ghostbane

    Ishara Ghostbane

    The dark aristocrat
  • Sir Anthony

    Sir Anthony

    about 5'9", roughly 25 years old, long brown hair, green eyes, he has a special boyish charm about him that makes the women folk drool.
  • The Rose of London

    The Rose of London

    Pale and beautifull