Dark London

West End Ghoul Strikes Again

There have been several killings on the streets of London’s West end in the past weeks. The Police have come to the conclusion that there is another killer on the loose!

The West End Ghoul, as the killer is being dubbed, has killed at least 6 people now, the latest was a watchmaker’s apprentice who was killed on Darthy street around midnight last night. It was left in the alley between Gregory’s Bakery and Sammuel’s Smithy where it was not found until this morning.

According to sources, the boy, a lad of 15, had been vivisected in a manner that could only be described as “Monsterous!” Another source informed us that parts of the boy were missing, presumed taken by the West End Ghoul. The source would not say what parts were taken. The missing bodyparts from the victims is what brought about it’s name.

Rumor has it that the police are looking into finding an actual ghoul as a possible suspect because of their craving of human flesh. Though all reports from ghoul sources says that not only is it not a ghoul, but that they are offended at the killer being called a ghoul. Stating “It makes us look bad.”



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