Dark London

Invitation to a Party

An invitation is sent to the peers of Lord James of Yorkshire to attend a party he is hosting at one of his estates just outside of London. The party will have a “Fall” theme, so dress appropriately.

The Living Doll and the Music Man will be the main forms of entertainment. Other distractions will also be provided as well.

Invitations are being sent out to every aristocrat, upper class or person of title.

( OOC: This is the event I want to run Saturday after trick-or-treating, assuming people are available. I want to jump straight into the party so if you have anything you need to do in advance, please bring it to me in advance of game night. And check the site please I will likely be posting additional information as I get it composed.)

( OOC: the Estate in question is just over an hour carriage ride outside of the city.)



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