Risha Togamy

A mouse, quietly and diligently working in the hopes of earning some cheese instead of being seen by the cat.


Risha does not attract attention to herself, she keeps her head down, walking around others so as not to disturb them. She is capable at her tasks, leaving nothing undone.


Risha is a widow with two young children, a boy of 6 and a girl of 4. They are the very air she breathes, her reason to keep on. Every day she leaves them to go to work cleaning Anthony’s home as she was hired to do.

Each night Risha returns to her children, embracing them before setting to the task of feeding them and cleaning her own home. Any that watch would see their love for each other. For now they are making it as a family, but it is likely that in a short amount of time London will devour their good souls as it does to so many others each day.

Risha Togamy

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