Dowager Viscountess Dashwood of Ashbury

Heiress of a wealthy estate, Lady Dashwood is a pompous, self-righteous aristocrat. Mild paranoia would be an understatement for this haughty hottie.


Taken rather kindly to the romantic knight, Sir Anthony, of whom valiantly risked his life to save her. His poetic nature has seemed to capture the Viscountess’ most cordial of admirations, and is becoming no less shy of a fairytale affair that could be dreamt of by none other than Jane Austen.


Christened: Elizabeth Maria Charlotte Windsor of Wales. Married Lord Cliford Dashwood, Viscount of Ashbury Place in the year 2103. No heir was ever concieved, quickly dubbing Lady Dashwood the Dowager Viscountess. Heir presumptive of Ashbury Place, along with it’s exstentive fortune, is an obscure nephew, a Mr. Johnathan Dashwood II

Prior to the “hunting accident” resulting in Lord Dashwood’s death, his wilting widow, Lady Dashwood adopted the title of Viscountess, inhereting an entire estate, along with a ring of social prestige and power. Eloquent and verbose, she fits the role expected of her by conventional society, accompanied by all of Queen Victoria’s exhausting propriety. Not to mention, as Viscountess, she also has a seat upon the Council of Lords.

Born under the noble star, Lady Dashwood is the great-great-great etc. neice of an obscure Olav V of Wales, making her royal blood thin but suitable. Being a direct descendant of Queen Victoria herself, The Viscountess suffers one of the most common diseases known to the aristocracy: hemophilia. Aside from her slew of other medical malfunctions (sleepwalking, acrophobia, etc.) she is quite adept at swordplay and marksmanship, as her husband, Lord Dashwood, took them as his hobbies. Her hobbies include: water color, anatomical illustration, and hypnosis. Interested field of study include: psychology, thanatology, language, law, art history, and occult lore.

Aside from Lady Dashwood’s pert nature, she is quite renowned for her adirmation toward charity, although she would never offer it unless her reputation could suffer in spite of it’s potential lack. When she speaks, people listen. If they refuse to listen, they refuse to be heard as well. No one upsets the Viscoutness without being socially and politically destroyed. Called the “Garnet Beauty” by her friends, and “Sweet-tongued Seraph” by her sarcastic rivals.

Dowager Viscountess Dashwood of Ashbury

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