August Grey

"Grey" says all...


Possessing a rather keen obsession with those long since dead, Miss Grey turns her head away from the wealthy, physical pleasures on her wealthy father’s industrial spoils and voluntarily joins the chaste, strict vocation of Mourner. She has trained extensively in the arts of being a Mourner, and all of their chillingly agile combat skills.

Ever since her childhood, she was expected to marry a young Jacob Cromwell, son of a member on her father’s board of trustees. Jacob’s father also had his hands in the steel industry, and wishing to tie the industrial knots of steel and oil, his preferred product, it was arranged for the two to marry. A sort of business diplomacy.

However, working into their fathers’ hands, the two fell into a passionate romance which grew unhealthily close as they continued to spend all of their time together. But, when Jacob mysteriously contracted a rare, avian virus, he left the world, and his precious August, at the tender age of sixteen. Ever since, Miss Grey has refused to find pleasure in any other stimuli, than forcing the dead back into the grave. And, seeing herself as a blind vessel, futile without her love, has given herself entirely over to duty. And for this reason, not one soul ever dares call her August if they wish to keep their head. All save her pertinacious master.

Still, even after Jacob’s passing, she cannot graduate from his death and believes that his spirit follows her withersoever she treads, constantly judging and watching her every action. This silent obsession has led her to openly seek knowledge of the afterlife, ghosts, and all the in betweens.

August Grey

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