Sir Anthony

about 5'9", roughly 25 years old, long brown hair, green eyes, he has a special boyish charm about him that makes the women folk drool.


A true style hunter, he is never anyplace with out his weapons or armor. keen eyes and a charming smile makes most all that gaze on his swoon with desire. His clothing has changed from a lower class style to that of noble with his new Title of Sir he has to keep up the appearance.

Knighted to the Royal Victorian Order.

His young loyal Ward Phillip as also taken on a new style of garment and he at only 12 can make a person melt with just a smile. quick witted and child charm Philip has learned fast the ways of the upper class and has won the heart of the lovely Viscountess Dashwood.


Little is known of Anthonys past .. even to himself. he grew up in an orphanage. he knows little of his real mother or father, only truly knowing the mothers voice that seems to reach his ears from someplace far away. Until he was about 15 years old when she returned for a brief night that ended in blood shed. Sense then she has only seen him once before. Anthony does not like to talk of his past, or his family, He did Prefer to be alone, But then he found his Ward Philip and at times he finds he most be in the presents of the enchanting Viscountess The Viscountess Dashwood of Ashbury. And from her he has met The Rose of London, and the decadent Ishara Ghostbane.

Young Ward Philip was found by Anthony in the early mornings of a hunt. Instead of killing the child Anthony took pity on him taking him in as a companion and student. now Philip is learning the ways of a hunter and high society. The boy is turning out to be well worth the troubles of having him.

Sir Anthony

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