Miss Anne Elliot

An ellogant woman, high classed and lethal


She might not be part of the upper class, but she is still a lady. She walks with grace and elegance to rival any minor noblewoman in London. She is subtle in her charm, caring in her touch. But she is also a tigress ready to be unleashed, her claws sharp, her pride stronger still.


The Proprietor of Thornfield.

Miss Anne has spent many of her years pulling herself up out of the gutters of London’s East End. Few know much about her past beyond that she has one because she does not talk about it. She spends her time maintaining and improving Thornfield.

On any given day you can find her in the main open areas, entertaining her guests, helping them decide on their pleasures. Miss Anne allows for almost any form of perversion in her establishment, but she has ruined more then one person who thought that their status in high society would allow them freedom to abuse her girls. She may have other, even darker secrets and skeletons in her well stocked wardrobes.

Miss Anne Elliot

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