Lord Cliford Dashwood

Swarmed by pain, driven by lust, the late Viscount rises again...


Clifford James Dashwood was the eldest of three. A brother, Jonathan, and a sister, Julia. Unfortunately, the Viscount Assumptive was less than interested in his alleged inheritance. Mostly, his distaste rided more on the social responsibilities rather than the actual title itself, a stuffy compensation for his truest calling…

Upon taking to Bath after his mother’s death, the young Clifford came into acquaintance with his father’s friend, the Dr. Smith. Holding the man’s duties as his highest idol, he begged and pleaded with his father to send him to live with Dr. Smith as a student and ward. His father, however, the Viscount Dashwood could not rationalize how any man could assume the roles of both Viscount and Doctor in one lifetime and sternly denied his son’s wish.

Against his father’s will, Clifford immersed himself in medical books and journals, obsessing over the man he could never be. But knowledge and a lust for lost opportunities were not his only vices, alcoholism swiftly quelled his humanly wish to change his entire person.

All seemed utterly lost, in a dark cellar, until a Garnet Angel came to be his lovely bride. Of course, he met the girl about a day before their wedding day; but he fell in love instantly. He saw this lovely seraph, the beautiful Elizabeth of Wales, to be a gift from God, sent to sire him a son who could assume his lost dreams and become both Viscount and Doctor.

Absorbed in vice, he little cared for what she did or how she faired; gravely, after his father’s death, his delicate angel proved inferior in bearing him sons…let alone daughters. Night and day, he took to his library, entirely immersed in books. Almost never did he agree to take supper or tea with his friendless wife.

Until late one night, inflamed with an alcoholic rage and an anger towards the life he could never live, he punished his beautiful angel, breaking her internally until she had no will but to retaliate…


Lord Cliford Dashwood

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