Dark London

What a Knight

A funeral is held for those who lost their lives in saving the Viscountess. Queen Victoria III, herself took appropriate concern for the Viscountess and sent her a Mourner named Betty, to serve as a personal bodyguard.

Ghostbane, refusing to comply with her father’s Dog, seeks refuge at the residence of the Lady Lennnox, as Rose’s personal guest. A bouquet of black roses arrives upon the door step, accepted at once by the servant.

Seeking to formally apologize to the Rose of London, and descretely inquire as to Lady Ghostbane’s refusal to assist in her speedy return, The Viscountess calls upon them. Catherine Rose, seeking the Viscountess’ help, agrees to keep her knowledge of the “night at the hotel” untold, if the Viscountess could impede on the impeding marriage of Lady Lennox to Lord James, the Widower Baron. Anthony is officially knighted and everyone who is anyone has been invited to the ceremony.

At the ceremony’s after party, The Viscountess notices that the Widower Baron seems to be taking political measures to gain support for this “engagement” to the Baroness-to-Be. Taken aback by this, the Viscountess formally invites the Baroness to stay with her, and “attend” to her. After all of the dreadful things that have happened to her, she has no one to call her own, minus these acquaintances. So, the Baroness agrees to the invitation, asking if Rose and her friend Ghostbane can tag along as well. The Viscoutness permits the whole party.

Anthony is frustrated with the public attention he is receiving as of late, and after a comical anniversay with his mother,Marilann Mercy, he learns that someone wants to see him dead and decides it is time to move. The next day, a maid arrives at his house, claiming to have been sent by an anonymous party. Anthony suspects the Viscountess but is proven wrong upon asking. After the trouble he and Phillip have been receiving as of late, they found it wise to move. Anthony also finds the house of his dreams and is taking appropriate measures to get there.

Ghostbane tells the Viscountess why she has been staying with the Baroness, about the Dog and her father—although, Anthony already informed the Viscountess of this servant and his vampiric nature (which Ghostbane is unaware of at the time).

The next day,The Viscountess receives the Honorable Douglas Oakfield(the Duke’s charming runt). With the assistance of Rose, The Viscountess aims to get the Baroness and Oakfield into each other’s positive favor, in attempts to out-trump the Widower Baron’s claim to the Heiress-Presumptive’s hand. Her tactic: feigning a “fortune-telling” by means of a Ouija Board; however, much to the Viscountess’ dismay, her deceased husband is awoken by the game and refuses to address anything other than his intense love for her. Sensing a potential calamity, she ends the game by abruptly brushing the pieces from the table and storming from the room in a fit of tears. Later, she sends Sir Anthony to find an exorcist, before the others become aware of his hidden secrets.

After Douglas duels the Viscountess, allows her the victory, and takes her and the other ladies on a riding excursion, they agree to see the Living Doll the proceeding night, at the local theatre house. The show ensues normally, after a secret conversation in the garden between Anthony and Lady Dashwood, where they share their first, official kiss.

After the eccelectic performance, the party is met by the Dog, upon returning to Ashbury Place. He is quite kind and coridal with the Viscountess and shows her proof that he is of no harm and that Ghostbane should follow him directly, after receiving from her, a dubious letter stating her inability to “ride” and her alleged lodging of the Widower Baron’s estate. Apparently, a leg injury, inflicted by Sir Anthony himself, impedes her from seeing her father. Ghostbane brings a cloudy eye upon her already suggestible personage hereafter.

Shooing him away, a conference is called. Where it is settled, mostly by Douglas (of whom all are unwilling to offend)that Ishara could stay with the Viscountess until her leg injury is healed.

Before the night is through, the Viscountess receives word that her something has happened to her prized poodle (and other less significant dogs)... upon rushing to investigate, the Viscountess is sickened by what she sees and bolts from the place, spewing vomit. Anthony and Phillip try tracking the perpetrator, discovering The Boy. Sadly enough, he escapes unscathed.

Given the recent danger, the Viscountess is being placed in, she demands that Anthony stay a few days at her estate, to protect her.



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