Dark London

Such a Bloody Mess

Lost for direction, the Viscountess of Ashbury decides to hire a Dr. Crofft to look over her friend, Lady Ghostbane, to ensure that her leg faces a speedy recovery so that she might be reunited with her father, Lord Ghostbane. Dr. Crofft claims that her leg is healing along quite well. He agreed to return in a few days to check up on it again. Instead of relieving him, however, the Viscountess offers him to reside within her estates until the injury is fully healed. He agrees on the grounds that he be able to take a carriage to his town house, so that he might be able to restock on medical supplies. She agrees, fervently obliged.

At about the same time, the medium hired by Sir Anthony to correct the Viscountess’ recent spiritual “uncleanliness.” Upon his arrival, he proves to the group, just how adept his skills in telepathy, precognition, and mediumship actually are.

Sequestered from the others, one at a time, the Viscountess’ guests seek counsel from the mysterious psychic, called Mr. Frederick Clarkson.

Miss Catherine Rose is persuaded to see the man first. The man opens the door before she has the chance, and ushers her into the room. First, The Rose of London inquires of her lady friend, the Baroness presumptives, and her rather sticky, marital predicament.

Mr. Clarkson’s reply is as she expects. There are two options. A.) Find the Baroness another husband or B.) Find the Widower Baron another bride. But who would satisfy his tastes but the Baroness? Who has the title to reverse his wants? Who alone possess enough beauty to tame his feral heart?

Lady Ghostbane proceeds to see the man as Miss Rose is ushered back into the Eastern Drawing Room. Upon entering the room, Ishara asks the man for some insight on her current problems concerning the Dog and her father.

Mr. Clarkson informs Lady Ghostbane that one way or another, she will have to return home, and that it is highly unlikely that her father is still a member of the living.

Returning to the drawing room with an eerie chill running through her veins, the Viscountess steps up to the plate. Up until this point, she had been avoiding any in-depth conversation for fear that he will discover news about her dead, husband. The man who’s title she now wore; the man who’d fallen by her own hand.

Upon entering the room, Mr. Clarkson immediately confesses that there is nothing he can do to dispell the spirit of Cliford Dashwood from the Viscountess’ estates. However, he does tell her that if she chose to personally reconcile with his spirit, he might be able to crossover into the afterlife, a healed man.

He also promises the Viscountess that he won’t reveal her secret to the public eye, which erupts in her a slight offense, as Mr. Clarkson seemed to fail to understand the gravity of the situation involving the Viscountess and her late husband. Once a quiet, reserved, prickly man—Lord Dashwood hid away for long nights in his library, studying, reading… drinking his woes of not becoming a medicine man, away… and he would not exit that room until his mind was adequately numbed with brandy…until his mind was completely-void of conscience…he would proceed to stumble up the stairs, unlock the door of his precious trophy, and forcibly take her again and again until she bore his heir, the man he would force into his doctoral dreams. But that heir never came. Angrier and angrier, his rage ensued. And along with that fiery passion, came sterner beatings, fiercer rapes. Until nothing of that fragile woman remained, but a limp grip on a pistol’s trigger.

After the dramatic display, the Viscountess asked the seer of her lover, Anthony—she wondered if she could marry him, her only true love, without striking a scandal. He declines, and ensures her that such a marriage would bring more grief than felicity. And he also protested against marrying for title or money, as others would have her do. Such ties would bleed nothing but lies, and inevitably, marriages symmetrical to her previous one.

After the Viscountess exits the room, she is met by Sir Anthony and Dr. Crofft, who had just returned from their trip to the doctor’s charming abode. Dr. Crofft goes in to the see the psychic, leaving Elizabeth, Anthony, and Betty alone in the hallway. They exchange words and snoggles of affection, before being caught by the Dr. Crofft wrapping up his meeting with the psychic.

En-wrapping herself in a passionate conversation with Sir Anthony later in the Western Drawing Room, Sir Anthony fails to control his vampiric passions and takes her up in his arms, defiling her right then and there.

Shortly after, those in the eatern drawing room are given the chills when the tea tray is flipped over and the wet contents arrange on the floor to spell the word “whore.”

The Rose of London thinks the word is aimed at her, and perhaps it is. But, as she flees from the room, having to pee, she is met by Mr. Clarkson who informs her that the Viscountess is in the Western drawing room in need of some interference. Upon arriving, she and Betty barge into the room, seeing Anthony and the Viscountess tangled in a passionate act. Normally, this event would not have seemed so strange to the Adventuress had the amount of blood spewing from the throbbing organs not been so…immense…

After Betty rips Anthony from the Viscountess, the Viscountess, unable to break from the passion, grabs Rose by the head and attempts to force her bleeding lady parts into her face. Demanding satisfaction…

Eventually, the scene is wrapped up with Dr. Crofft stitching up a bloody Viscountess and the other ladies tending to the traumatized courtesan.



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