Dark London

Missing Maiden

The scene opens with two foolish undertakers, Snipes and Tabby, trying to tie down an animate with dreams of shillings and frothy beers in their heads. However, as the animate breaks free and escapes, it drops a velvet purse. Inside, the undertakers find a letter sent from the Rose of London to the Viscountess, prior to her incarceration. The names of Ishara Ghostbane and Sir Winchester were also mentioned in the letter.

The un-charming pair are sternly denied by the portress at the mainstay of the Rose of London, knowing her whereabouts more than the other, more well-to-do, people. Attempting to leave, Tabby and Snipes engage in an arguement over who is to take the letter while they wait for Miss Rose to leave (show up at) her residence. Tabby, in the alley. Snipes, at a tavern. When officers of the law appear on the scene, the two run for it. Snipes and Tabby split up. Snipes hands over the letter she found in the purse, and gets away unscathed. Tabby is taken in for questioning.

Hours go by, and Snipes drinks away her troubles. Tabby is later released and finds her comrade sleeping in a puddle of stale beer. At some point, the Rose of London pays her a visit, asking about the letter and warning Snipes that the Viscountess has gone missing from the Ryloth Institute

Lady Ghostbane, on the other hand, is furtherly looking into the matter concerning her estates, hiring an undertaker to do the job…

Anthony, hearing of his Ward, Phillip’s, disappearence, heads to the last place he saw him: the sewers.

The next morning, the two undertakers are apprehended by the local police and brought in for questioning. Tabby, once there, refuses to comply and is locked in solitary confinement. No one has heard from her since. Snipes, on the other hand, complies and tells the investigator all that she knows, also agreeing to chase after the animate who dropped the purse in the first place in exchange for the safe return of her bounty-hunting license.

Heading into the sewers, pistols drawn, Snipes runs into the same animate she’d previously let go. Killing it swiftly, she severs the spine and begins to return when she is met by Monsieur Anthony. Finding this woman useful, he searches the room and finds the Viscountess’ dress, ripped to shreds and covered in blood. Philip remains unfound.

Agreeing to help Snipes carry the animate to the detective’s place, having something of his own to show the man, they arrive and are received rather unkindly. Everyone, including Rose and Ghostbane, are sent invitations to have a conference with the detective upon the next day.



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