Dark London

Letter to the Viscountess Dashwood

Dear Dowager Viscountess Dashwood of Ashbury,

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you recuperating comfortably. News of your plight has reached even my ears so far removed from the city. Such is it’s emphasis.

I beg your pardon that I must take up this matter with you, it is not the Ghostbane way to involve others in matters of family. But as my wayward daughter has already brought you into her mess, I am left with few other recourses but to beseech upon you your indulgence an favor.

It has come to my attention that my Ishara has wormed her way into your grand graces. I am greatfull for the care you are showering her with. But I must ask that you decist. I know not what fancifull tail she spins to continue to burden you so. But I can assure you that they are falsehoods to the core.

I have already dispatched my man to her some fortnight ago. He has recently reported to me that not only had she refused to abide my wishes, but that once her excuses ran dry she returned but part way home only to bring assault upon my man. She then departed, speeding her return to London in the company of some dalliance of a man as if she were a princess in some faery tale and not a proper child of the honorable family Ghostbane!!

These actions of hers have braught shame upon our great name! I fear that I was ever too lenient with her upbringing, leaving me now with naught but to find her somebody more capable to reign her in, somebody deserving of the honor.

Yours in regard,

High Lord of Ghostbane Estates



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