Dark London

Dogs and Things

Refusing to give up on finding his ward, Anthony continues to search the sewers. A strange shadow is seen. And a man, paler than porcelian, emerges from the shadows, babbling oddities about the missing Viscountess cradling a small child. Eventually, Anthony learns that this person, Kendel, knows of the Viscountess’ and Philip’s location, but refuses to show him without proper care. He asks specifically for the Miss Ghostbane, upon the Viscountess’ urgent request. Anthony agrees to find the others and return after seeing the Doctor, which Kendel sternly denies seeing.

After the meeting with the detective, the Rose of London, Lady Ghostbane, Anthony, and Snipes are properly informed of the Viscountess’ having gone missing. It is Lady Ghostbane’s idea to search the institue. The crew finds nothing suspicious until they reach the basement. A grate, leading to the sewers is found, and upon removal, Snipes notices human footsteps and the marks of something that had been dragged (somthing living)on the floor below. Snipes and Anthony immediately climb down, weapons ready. And in the shadows emerges Kendel, the strange sewer man. Excitedly, Anthony tells him that he “has” the Miss Ghostbane.

Sternly denying these words, as she is climbing down the latter into the sewer, Anthony pulls her down the ladder to show Kendel, who is quite fearful of these people and their commotion. Inflammed with a passionate rage, Anthony and Ghostbane begin to argue, and Anthony could not contain his rage over the obstacle between himself and his ward. And once he begins to attack her, Kendel is also thrown into a fit of rage, after what he perceives is an “innocent” victim being harmed. A fight ensues between the two creatures, Snipes joining in the tame them, the only person seemingly interested in working as a team.

Eventually, Snipes is able to remove Kendel and throw him into the sewage, where his rage is instantly broken and quelled. Immediately, Ghostbane and Rose (who refused to dirty her petticoats by following into the sewers) retreat, seeking the detective and putting warrants on the three characters left in the sewer.

Meanwhile, Ghostbane receives a letter from her father, requesting her to quit London and return to him immediately; also, he sends a strange servant to collect Ishara and send her home. The man, called “Dog,” atrocious as can be, bends Ghostbane’s maid over the coffee table…

Rose, on the other hand, learns that her lady, The Baroness Presumptive, Jacqueline Lennoxher personal paramour, is being looked upon with a keen eye, by the wretched [[:lordjames | Widower Baron], and is being pressured by her family, to marry him, although his last two wives died of obscure circumstances. Who should she turn to to save her lady from certain doom…as well as preserving their secret romance.

Anthony, Snipes, and Kendel-alone- head toward the Viscountess’ and Philips secret location. Arriving on the scene, Kendel finds that there are too many “baddies” for the party to take on. So, cleverly, Anthony convinces Snipes to forge a letter and send it to the detective, askign for reinforcements.

Hardly buying the claim, the detective shows up with only one man and heads into the room. After the battle. The Viscountess and Phillip are whisked away by Anthony, as the others try to kill the remaining anathema. The Boy and The Girl survive.

Tragically, Snipes, the detective, and the cop die valiantly in the effort. Hilda, unfortunately, did not survive either.



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