Dark London

Why so Young?

There has been yet another shocking attack by the West End Ghoul, this time the victim was a 14 year old girl! AnneMarie Wavecrest was found face down in the muck of Averdine street this morning. Preliminary reports say that her heart and left lung were punctured by a thin instrument that fits with the Ghoul’s preferred method of killing.

Our sources at Scotland Yard report that several of her internal organs had been removed as well as her breasts. Few dare to speculate as to this fiend’s motives. With the lack of results so far, the killings are likely to continue. So, walk safe everyone, and please do not walk the nights alone!

Who wants to Marry a Ghostbane?

We are overwhelmed to report that this is the question being asked around polite society.

Invitation to a Party

An invitation is sent to the peers of Lord James of Yorkshire to attend a party he is hosting

West End Ghoul Strikes Again

There have been several killings on the streets of London’s West end in the past weeks. The Police have come to the conclusion that there is another killer on the loose!

Such a Bloody Mess

Lost for direction, the Viscountess of Ashbury decides to hire a Dr. Crofft to look over her friend, Lady Ghostbane, to ensure that her leg faces a speedy recovery so that she might be reunited with her father, Lord Ghostbane.

What a Knight

A funeral is held for those who lost their lives in saving the Viscountess.

Dogs and Things

Refusing to give up on finding his ward, Anthony continues to search the sewers. A strange shadow is seen. And a man, paler than porcelian, emerges from the shadows, babbling oddities about the missing Viscountess cradling a small child. Eventually, Anthony learns that this person, Kendel, knows of the Viscountess’ and Philip’s location, but refuses to show him without proper care. He asks specifically for the Miss Ghostbane, upon the Viscountess’ urgent request. Anthony agrees to find the others and return after seeing the Doctor, which Kendel sternly denies seeing.

Missing Maiden

The scene opens with two foolish undertakers, Snipes and Tabby, trying to tie down an animate with dreams of shillings and frothy beers in their heads. However

A Voluntary Leave of Absense

Blinded by complete distrust for the pooper-scooper of the aristocrats, an obscure detective named Sir Winchester, the Viscountessis taken to desperate measures as she suspects the Lady Ghostbaneto be the proprietor of these foul animates, and a threat to the noblewoman’s good name.


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